Sound Art Lab is bringing in new
director from Berlin

Denmark's only center for artistic development in sound, has hired Jacob Eriksen as the
new director. Jacob Eriksen leaves a research position at the Universität der Künste Berlin
to come to Sound Art Lab in Struer.

36-year-old sound artist and sound researcher Jacob Eriksen is ready to take Sound Art Lab on
the next step of the journey to make the place an international center for sound art.
"I am very much looking forward to getting started with the work at Sound Art Lab, and first and
foremost I have to get to know the area and a lot of new people," says Jacob Eriksen.
Sound Art Lab was inaugurated at the end of August last year and is located in Bang & Olufsen's
former administration building housing new sound studios, workspaces for artists, education
rooms, workshops and more.

Currently South African artist Zara Julius is on a 3-month artist residency at Sound Art Lab.
According to the new director the residency programs are a win for both Sound Art Lab, the
artists and Struer, City of Sound.
"Creating sound art environments through artist residencies, among other things, will continue to
be a high priority for Struer and Sound Art Lab to be put on the map even more, while I also hope
that the people of Struer will come and experience Sound Art Lab when invited to lectures,
performances and other public events” says Jacob Eriksen, who visited Struer for the first time
during Struer Tracks in 2019.

A unique opportunity
In 2012, Jacob Eriksen went to Berlin to specialize in sound art through education and research at
the art university in the city. In addition to his educational background and experience, Jacob
Eriksen brings with him a huge national and international network, which benefits both Sound Art
Lab and Struer.

From here on out, new partnerships and collaborations are to be entered with Danish and
international institutions to further develop the creative environment and to continue to give
citizens and visitors insights into the possibilities of sound.

“When I became aware of this rare chance to return to Denmark and deal full time with sound art
as the leader of a budding sound art platform in Western Jutland, I had to pursue it. It is incredibly
powerful that a political agreement to the developmental direction of the City of Sound has been
made, and I look forward to taking responsibility for contributing to this focus from the sound art
perspective. The job as director of Sound Art Lab is for me a unique opportunity to unfold my
experiences from my time in Berlin, and I see a unique potential in establishing and further
developing one of the most significant sound art platforms in environments that are already
bursting with sound”, concludes Jacob Eriksen.

Sound Art Lab is part of the sound cluster in Struer - which together with sound companies, the
entrepreneurial environment Sound Hub Denmark, the national sound cluster Danish Sound
Cluster and the creative interaction between them, is contributing to attract world-class
competencies to make Struer municipality an international hotspot for entrepreneurs, companies,
artists, educational institutions and others who work with sound.

Jacob Eriksen will enter his new position on the 1st of March 2022 and will be replacing Sound
Art Lab's former director, Jacob Kreutzfeldt, who left his position at the turn of the year.