Sound art on the school timetable in eight central and western Jutland municipalities

Sound art will now be introduced to school children in eight central and western Jutland municipalities. This is happening with the new 4-year culture agreement from the Ministry of Culture, which breathes life into the teaching project Lydspor.

The project is based on Sound Art Lab.


The teaching project "Sound track" is rolled out to lots of school children in Struer, Holstebro, Herning, Ikast-Brande, Lemvig, Ringkjøbing-Skjern, Skive and Varde municipalities. It is clear with the new Culture Agreement 2021-2024 from the Ministry of Culture.


Sound tracks must form a breeding ground for working with art in general education. The project results in a teaching material that, among other things, contains a number of physical objects that can be used in the teaching, a written material and a digital audio library. The material and the way it is made together helps to anchor it in the schools and in the teaching. Thus, the goal is for the artistic approach to become an incorporated part of teaching in the future.


“With Lydspor, we must, together with students, teachers and artists, create teaching material that is targeted at the primary and lower secondary school's schooling. We need to use sound as a creative leg-span that strengthens the creative processes and innovative thinking. And we need to use the arts to strengthen curiosity and ingenuity and add special forms of thinking that benefit students both academically and for educational purposes. Because as Grundtvig said, the students must not only learn something, but they must also become someone, ”says art communicator at Sound Art Lab Isa Paludan Asboe, who is the lead on the project.


Art makes you want to learn

By dealing with and creating sound art themselves, school students must learn to relate reflectively, critically and creatively to the many sounds around us and to the sound medium itself. In the teaching project Lydspor, emphasis is thus placed on the creative process and the creation of something.


“Art and culture play a crucial role in the formation of our children and young people. We are therefore incredibly happy and proud that the Ministry of Culture, through the recently approved culture agreement, has decided to support our initiative, where we through sound art must help to strengthen students' both academic and educational development, "says chairman of Culture- and the Leisure Committee in Struer Municipality, Lars Møller Pedersen, and concludes: "The competencies that children and young people learn through creative activities are of crucial importance for the children's future development, because it gives them the desire to learn."


The project is supported with DKK 800,000 from the new Culture Agreement 2021-2024 from the Ministry of Culture.




The teaching project Lydspor is created by Sound Art Lab in collaboration with Statens Museum for Kunst i Thy, Deep Forest Art Land - Skovsnogen, Kunsthal Regelbau 411 and Lydlaboratoriet - Struer's learning and knowledge center for sound.

Sound tracks based on sound art are widespread in the following central and western Jutland municipalities: Struer, Holstebro, Herning, Ikast-Brande, Lemvig, Ringkjøbing-Skjern, Skive and Varde. One year has been set aside for the basic development and testing in Struer Municipality, after which six months have been set aside in each of the remaining municipalities.

Therefore, sound art must be used in teaching

Sound art often focuses on the sounds that otherwise often escape our attention. That way we can become aware of completely new things in the world, of new perspectives on issues or different perspectives on life. It is therefore obvious to include the teaching of sound art in both visual arts, Danish, mathematics, social studies, music and in interdisciplinary project work as well as in e.g. the project assignment in 9th grade.

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