Sounds of the Future Residency

SPOR festival, Sound Art Lab, Struer Tracks & Dansk Komponistforening now announce the first two out of a total of four artists who receive a residency in Sound Art Lab's artist apartment in connection with Sounds Of The Future Residency. The residence consists of studio space, access to sound studios, sound equipment and workshops, sparring, networking and much more. It is part of the project Future Sound Art in the Central Jutland Region.


Katrine Amsler is a composer, sound designer, producer, instrument builder and musician trained from the music conservatory in Malmö. In recent years, she has worked on various types of audiovisual projects, including as a sound artist for composer Martin Stig Andersen. In 2021 she won the British 'Sound of the Year Award' by The Museum Of Sound and The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop. 

Katrine Amsler is in residency for three weeks during October 2022.

Katrine Amsler.jpeg


Danish-born artist Louise Foo is working in and around sound as material for interactive experiences, utilizing new technologies to enhance affectively engaging sonic qualities. Her most recent work counts multi-channel near real-time data-sonification to document the melt of the Inland Ice, interplanetary musical explorations through installations of sounding objects in ceramics and glass with FOO/SKOU and immersive music composition with the band SØSTR.

Louise Foo is in residency for three weeks between July and October 2022. 

Foto credit : Sebastian Holmbäck

The deadline for applying for the next two residencies is September 1, 2022. The application portal opens one month before.

The project is supported by Koda Kultur og Region Midtjyllands   Kulturpulje 2021.